My Professional Curriculum Vitae

1979 I began my career with PKbanken International S.A. I went on various trainings and seminars for system administration and programming. I then was promoted tosystem administrator and became the overall responsible of all IT at PKbanken and the sister company PKfinans.

1986 Jean-Pierre Estgen, then director banking softwareat J.B.Wagner, asked me to come over and work as consultant to banks for banking software and applications. I became group leader and later manager. My responsibilities included quality control, consulting, installation, help desk, maintenance and customer service for banking software at J.B.Wagner.

1990 I went to Union Bank of Norway International S.A. as Head of IT.

1996 I took the position of Head of IT and Organization at Deutsche Postbank International S.A.

1999 I was offered the position of Head of IT and Organization in the founding team of Erste Europäische Pfandbrief- und Kommunalkreditbank Aktiengesellschaft in Luxembourg. My responsibilities included setting up the entire infrastructure of this new and first bank in Luxembourg emitting covered lettres ("Banque d'é mission de lettres de gage").

As a professional in management of IT, in management of organization, in management of customer service, in consulting, in business continuity, in disaster recovery, in project management and in IS control (control of information systems), I have a proven track record and place since 2002 my high expertise and competence as well as over 15 years of experience at the disposal of CERES's customers.