Where I descend from

I am a descendant of Michael Neylan who was called Michael of the Arch. He was married to Bridget. Their domicile was Laughtyshaughnessy, Co Galway. Michael presumably finished building his house on October, 11th 1822. They had three children: Michael, Patrick and John. John was the only one with offspring.

My greatgreatgrandfather John Neylon was called Old Sean. He was married to Maire Rua Geraghty.

John is listed as Head of Households with the name John Neilan on the Griffiths Valuation for the 1850s John.

Christmas 1856 John was listed as John Nylan in Laughtyshaughnessy donating 5 shilling to the parish. Easter 1860 John was listed again with his name spelled as John Neylon donating 3 shilling to the parish.

John is documented as having been a witness to the wedding of James Hanrahan and Ann Murray on May 19th, 1860 and to the wedding of James Haddock and Mary Neiland on January 28th, 1861. On the same document his name is once spelled Neylan and the other time Neyland. All other names on the document like Neilan, Neyland are from the same family. This was typical for those times.

In 1861 John is listed as sponsor to Catherine, daughter of James and Mary Haddock.

Previously John had married Eliza Foundation, who died without issue and was buried in the family grave at Kilmacduagh. Maire originated from Ballinruan. Their children were Honor, Mary-Anne, Martin and John.

Honor married Murray. Their domicile was Gort, Co Galway. No issue, they had a shop in Gort. Honor is buried in the the family grave of the Neylon's in Kilmacduagh.

Mary-Anne married John Clarke. They went to Australia. John's origin was Ballinabucky, Kilcolgan. They had one child Mary-Anne who was sponsor to my grandfather Pakie.

John was born 1855 and married Jenny Hartland. At the turn of the century they went to Winnepeg in Canada. John was baptized on May 28th, 1855 in St Anne's Church, Shanaglish, the parish church for Beagh Parish. John changed his name to Nilan, his occupation was Civil Servant with Customs & Excise. Jenny's origin was Cork, her family was in the business of Garden Landscape and Nursery. They had two children Jackie and Deirdre-Nora.

My greatgrandfather Martin lived from 1853 to 1898. He married Susan Brew who lived from 1860 to December 5th, 1956. The family's domicile was still Laughtyshaughnessy, Co Galway.

Susan's origin was Moyree Castle, Tubber. Her parents were Francis Brew and Nora Keane, they had 8 children: Susan, Frank (did not marry), Nonnie (married Pakie Guthrie), Maggie (married James O'Connor), Anne (married B. Fahey), Mary (went to Australia), James (married Mary Fahey). Francis Brew's parents were Thomas Brew and Peggy Pyne, they had 5 children: Francis, Anne, Mary, James and Sarah.

Martin and Susan had 9 children: my grandfather Patrick A. Neilan (Neylon) / called Pakie who lived January 22nd, 1891 - February 10th, 1980. He married in 1920 Bridget Rochford/ called Birdie who lived December 8th, 1900 - June 5th, 1974.

Pakie was baptized in Shanaglish Church, as entered by priest Fr. Conroy C.C. on redord no. 1761. On Pakie's Register of Baptism his name is given as Patrick Neilan and in brackets thereafter Neylon. Sponsors were James Brew from Moyree, brother of Pakie's mother Susan and Mary-Anne Clarke, niece of Pakie's father Martin.

Birdie's parents were Martin Rochford and Margaret Donohue, they had 4 children Joe (married K. Keehan, they had 3 boys and 5 girls), Nora (married S. Cahir from Barefield in Ennis, they had 4 boys and 3 girls), Birdie and Mary-Anne (died early at 18).

Martin Rochford's parents were Martin Rochford and Bridget Deeley, they had 4 children (or more) Martin (went to Reekhill), John (went to San Francisco), Mrs Rosengrave (went to Tubber) and Bridget (married McNamara from Scarriff).

Pakie's and Birdie'sdomicile was Glenbrack, Gort.

Pakie served as captain in the real I.R.A. for the fight of freedom in '21.

Bridget Mary Helen Neylon / called Sissy born 1892 married Martin Crowe / called Marty. Their domicile was Ruan. Bridget Mary Helen was always called Sissy, the family however had always thought her real name was Cecilca until the Baptismal Certificate was checked in 1999. Martin's origina was Ballyteigue, Co Clare. They had 6 children Michael, Marty, Donal, John, Maire and Susan.

John F. Nilan (Neylon) / called Jack lived February 18th, 1894 to September, 1962 married on August 22nd, 1928 in Shanaglish, Gort, Galway, Annie Quinn born 1900, died July 10th, 1976. They went to Australia. On John's Register of Baptism his name is given as John Nilan in brackets thereafter Neylon, his sponsors were John Broderick and Honora Brew. Annie's origin was Gort, Co Galway. They had 11 children: Bridget (born 1929), Cecila (born 1930), Agnes (born 1932), Gertrude (born 1934), Patricia (born 1936), Theresa (born 1937), John (born 1940), Patrick (born 1941), Ann (born 1944), Pauline (born 1946) and Patrick.

Nora Neylon got more than a hundred years old (1895-1998). She married James Fahey. Their domicile was Ardrahan. James's origin was Rathbane, Ardrahan. Their children were Father Thomas, John-Joe, Bernie, Mary, Sheila, Susan, Gertrud and Bettie.

Susan Neylon, called Birdie married Thomas Harte (1880-1936). Their domicile was Doon. Thomas's origin was Callura, Ballinruan.

Martin Neylon, called Mattie (1897-) was twin to Philomena. He married Mary Quinn (April 25th, 1909). Their domicile was Laughtyshaughnessy, Co Galway. Mary's origin was Ballyaneen. Their children: Clora, Susan, Anna, Josephine, Frank, Paul and Margaret.

Philomena Neylon, called Phill (1897-) was twin to Martin and married Patrick O'Connor. Their domicile was Gort, Co Galway. Patrick was present at my weeding in Luxembourg on September 19th, 1981.

Agnes Neylon (born 1898) joined the Sr. Coleman of the Sisters of Mercy, Galway.

Gertrude Neylon, called Eliza died 1899 as an infant and was buried in the infant graveyard for unbaptised infants, in Caherbroder.